To Blog or Not To Blog? That is the Question.

For months I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a blog.  Everyone does it.  Why not jump on the bandwagon? Join the crowds.  Enter the fray.

I’ve had reservations.  Such as Time.  That’s a biggie.  Do I really have time for this?

Commitment.  You have to commit to posting regularly.  Goes back to that Time issue.

Putting my words “out there.”  My idea was to write about our family’s journey with autism.  Do I really want the world to read what I write?  What if people disagree with what I say?  What if they don’t like it?  What if… what if…

So I waffled.  Is that a thing?  To waffle.  Yes, I waffled.

THEN I received a “sign.”  I submitted a guest blog post to Autism Speaks, a national autism advocacy organization, and was quite pleased when they published it.  That was yesterday.  This morning I checked the post and was floored to find that it had been shared on FaceBook nearly 1200 times!  What the what?!

Suddenly it became clear to me that in light of the sharp rise in the diagnosis of autism, families are desperate for information, for encouragement, for support, and, most of all, for acceptance.

So I’m going to do this thing.  Here we go.

(Learn more of my goals in the About section.)



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