Over the years, in addition to keeping an Autism Journal that has reached 150 pages, I’ve written a few articles and guest posts on various topics related to autism.  I am sharing those here:

How My Husband and Son are Teaching Strangers About Autism.  Autism Speaks Blog.  Posted May 24, 2017.

Puzzle Pieces – Tips for the Extended Family of a Child with Autism – offers tips to extended family on how to truly offer help (originally published on the Family Connections of S.C. Blog, April 2013)

Unlocking the Door – in which I talk about Peter’s AAC Device and how it unlocks the possibility of meaningful communication.  (Originally published on the AAC Language Lab Blog, October 2013)

ABA Therapy Cheat Sheet for Parents – an overview of terms and procedures related to ABA therapy.  For parents, from a parent.

The Shrinking World – offers encouragement to families who feel isolated.

Dear Apple Inc. – a letter to Apple begging for an unbreakable iPad screen for children with disabilities.

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